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Trousers/ Bibs/ Coveralls EN ISO 11612

Mod.-Nr: 26-XXXX / 27-0031 Category: Aluminized PPE

No chance for radiant heat and molten metal.

Aluminized industrial PPE according to EN ISO 11612.

PPE made from aluminised materials are at first intended to protect against radiant heat and molten metal, but also against flames.


Outstanding features are:

Highest level of protection through the use of para-Aramid

light weight

Soft and flexible, therefore comfortable

Environmentally friendly (no use of solvents)



This PPE offers partial protection only; additional PPE might be necessary that shall have equivalent properties.

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Application Short contact with open flame
  Contact with splashes of molten iron and aluminium
  Protection against heat radiation
Temperature range Convective heat up to 80 kW/m²
  Radiant heat up to 40 kW/m²
  Contact with hot surfaces up to 250°C
Sizes 1/S, 2/M, 3/L, 4/XL, 5/XXL

Mod. 26-0301 Bib-coverall with opening slit on the right side with snap fasteners,  passthrough slit on the left, with eyelets for suspenders with pinclip, knees reinforced, without suspenders
Mod. 26-0541 Trousers with slit with wide flap, kidney protection, eyelets for suspenders with pin clip, pocket for knee reinforcement, without knee pads (P/N 87-6264), with hook and D-ring
Mod. 26-1513 Bib-coverall „BASELL“ with godet at the crotch, elastic waist over the the side seam, foot protection with stirrup detachable by snap fastener, reinforced knees without suspenders
Mod. 26-5001 Trousers with front closure by snap fastener, without pockets, pass-through slit on the left, with eyelets for suspenders with pin-clip, without suspenders
Mod. 26-5011 as Mod. 26-5001, deviation: fixed, adjustable suspenders
Mod. 26-9501 Leg chaps with ribbons with hook and pile fastener on both sides for mounting the leg protection on a belt, crotch closed
Mod. 26-9301 "Half" trousers with front protection, bib pocket, slit with covered snap fastener, hook and chain in the back, touch and close fastener, foot protection with stirrup, fixed elastic suspenders, reinforced knees
Mod. 27-0031 Coverall without collar, without pockets, front closure by concealed zip fastener