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Lab coat EN ISO 11612

Category: PPE made with DuPont™ Nomex®

Comfortable and well-fitted protection.

ALWIT develops and manufactures PPE on the basis of the European Regulation 2016/425 andEuropean Standards under a certified Quality Management System (QMS) according to ISO 9001:2000. Basic Safety and Health Requirements as required in Annex II of the Directive are considered, especially by a careful selection of materials as well as the cut and design of the garments.
From the wide range of materials, ALWIT has specialized in PPE made from Nomex® Outershell and Nomex® Comfort, as well as Nomex® Basicwear for linings. With these materials, the entire range of performance is covered.

Nomex® offers

inherently flame retardant
resistant up to approx. 350 °C
antistatic (depends on type)

lightweight (ca. 150 – 265 g/m²)
no skin irritation
no shrinkage

Life span
abrasion strength
tensile strength
washable without loss of protection

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Application flame retardent safety wear, insulating, antistatic, lightweight, breathable, inherently stable, abrasion- and tear-resistant
Colours ecru, grey, orange, royal blue, yellow, dark blue, green, red

Mod. 40-0011 Lab coat (men), closure by buttons, 2 hip pockets, 1 chest pocket, no back slit
Mod. 40-0041 as mod. 40-0011, deviation: closure by snap fastener
Mod. 40-0111 as mod. 40-0011, deviation: with back slit
Mod. 40-0141 wie Mod. 40-0011, deviations: closure by snap fastener, with back slit

Mod. 40-5011 as mod. 40-0011, Lab coat (woman)
Mod. 40-5041 as mod. 40-0041, Lab coat (woman)
Mod. 40-5111 as mod. 40-0111, Lab coat (woman)
Mod. 40-5141 as mod. 40-0141, Lab coat (woman)

Mod. 40-1901 Electrician's coat, closure by snap fastener, 2 hip pockets, 1 chest pocket, 1 inside pocket, high collar with snap fastener