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Gloves up to 250°C contact heat

Category: Heat-resistant gloves

Hands are precious- ALWIT protects them!

Everyone who once suffered injuries or even permanent harms by an accident knows how precious hands really are. ALWIT provides a wide range of gloves and helps with the selection of the right glove for the right place. We are happy to advice you!

At the current state of our knowledge, the materials used in our gloves are non-polluting and harmless for the user. Protective properties of ALWIT gloves are achieved by the selection of appropriate materials and wide design. Low weight, dexterity, fit and the fact that ALWIT gloves do not have open cutting edges on the inner side, since outer shell and lining gloves are manufactured separately, cause excellent comfort.

Of course, heat protective gloves shall and cannot meet all requirements of the same level. Sometimes only one property is required (e.g. contact heat). Nevertheless, ALWIT cares much about the selection of materials to reach high levels in all requirements as far as possible and even to exceed the minimum requirements of the highest level. That may be important for the practical use; a lot of working places will require more than the highest level reached in the minimum time, mass etc.

The gloves presented below are tested and certified according to EN 407. The performance rates or levels are stated in the description. More models and lining variations are available on demand.

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Application   protective gloves against thermal hazards
Temperature range   contact heat <250 °C
Sizes   9, 10, 11, 12
Lengths   29 cm, 35 cm, 43 cm
The minimum order quantity is 10 pairs.

5-finger-glove Nomex® seamless

material: meta-aramid

  sizes: 9/10 , length 26 cm
    performance levels EN 407: 4 2 X X X X
52-8250.00/107.Z   5-finger-glove
  material: para-aramid terry cloth Kevlar®
  sizes: 8/9/10 , length 25 cm
    performance levels EN 407: 4 1 X X X X