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Cement industry

Category: PPE f. spec. industries

PPE for cement industry

Cement is a finely ground building material and is produced in cement plants. The raw material for cement is grounded and blended from mainly natural raw materials in a dry process, then burned, cooled and ground again in a continuous process in rotary kilns, where an intensive heat exchange takes place between the hot kiln exhaust gases and the raw meal, which reaches a temperature of about 850°C.
Since flour with a temperature of up to 850°C can escape from the preheaters of rotary kiln plants even during normal maintenance work, employees in
this area must be permanently equipped with appropriate PPE. A suit made of Nomex® Outershell Tough has proven to be the best choice for this purpose.
For cleaning work, e.g. poking at the heat exchanger, head protection and gloves made of aluminized para-aramid material (ARATEX) should be worn in
addition to a protective suit made of Nomex®.
In case of cyclone blockage, the protective equipment should be supplemented by aluminised PPE made of para-aramid fibres, either in the form of a long coat
or in the form of a jacket and trousers. If protective boots are not worn, then the lacing of shoes should be protected by gaiters against the penetration of hot powder. The closure of the jacket or coat is designed in such a way that a penetration of hot powder is prevented.

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Maintenance work eg. on preheaters of rotary kiln plants,
Cleaning work, eg. poking at the heat exchanger, cyclone blockage
Colours silber/alu, ecru, grey, orange, royal blue, yellow, darkblue, green, red

Basic clothing from Nomex
Mod. 44-1711 Jacket, front flap with snap fastener, 2 inside chest pockets, sleeves with snap fastener
Mod. 45-1711 Trousers, fly with buttons, belt loops

Additional aluminised PPE
Mod. 50-7411 Mitten, not reversible, elastic ending on the cuff, palm reinforced with leather
Mod. 26-5001 Trousers with front closure by snap fastener, without pockets, pass-through slit on the left, with eyelets for suspenders with pin-clip, without suspenders
Mod. 25-0351 Jacket with front closure with 2 Velcro strips, lined stand-up collar, without pockets
Mod. 20-9351 Coat, freedom of movement by trapezoid pattern, touch and close fastener diagonal on the right side of the front secured by rivets, small stand-up collar lined with felt, without pockets, air ventilation by divided overlapping rear
Mod. 28-0001 Gaiters, with full foot protection, fixed by padded self-closing steel spring in shaft and foot protection
Mod. 10-1701 Hood, fitted to safety helmet, consisting of four detachable parts:
  Mod. 10-1501, head protection
  Mod. 11-0601, neck protection
  Mod. 11-0701, chest protection
  Mod. 12-0501, shield from polycarbonate (PC), clear